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As of 02/21/2017
Symbol Price $ Change % Change
Core Fixed Income (N)
DLFNX 10.84 -0.01-0.09
Emerging Markets Fixed Income (N)
DLENX 10.47 0.010.10
Flexible Income (N)
DLINX 9.81 0.000.00
Floating Rate (N)
DLFRX 9.95 0.000.00
Global Bond (N)
DLGBX 9.90 -0.03-0.30
Infrastructure Income (N)
BILTX 10.01 -0.01-0.10
Long Duration Total Return Bond (N)
DLLDX 9.75 -0.01-0.10
Low Duration Bond (N)
DLSNX 10.04 0.000.00
Low Duration Emerging Markets Fixed Income (N)
DELNX 9.86 0.000.00
Multi-Asset Growth (A)
DMLAX 9.81 0.040.41
Shiller Enhanced CAPE (N)
DSENX 14.69 0.080.55
Shiller Enhanced International CAPE (N)
DLEUX 10.55 0.02N/A
Strategic Commodity (N)
DLCMX 9.85 0.020.20
Total Return Bond (N)
DLTNX 10.63 -0.01-0.09
Ultra Short Bond (N)
DLUSX 10.01 0.000.00
Symbol Price $ Change % Change
Core Fixed Income (I)
DBLFX 10.85 -0.01-0.09
Emerging Markets Fixed Income (I)
DBLEX 10.47 0.010.10
Flexible Income (I)
DFLEX 9.82 0.010.10
Floating Rate (I)
DBFRX 9.94 0.010.10
Global Bond (I)
DBLGX 9.91 -0.03-0.30
Infrastructure Income (I)
BILDX 10.02 -0.01-0.10
Long Duration Total Return Bond (I)
DBLDX 9.76 -0.01-0.10
Low Duration Bond (I)
DBLSX 10.05 0.000.00
Low Duration Emerging Markets Fixed Income (I)
DBLLX 9.85 0.000.00
Multi-Asset Growth (I)
DMLIX 9.84 0.040.41
Shiller Enhanced CAPE (I)
DSEEX 14.70 0.070.48
Shiller Enhanced International CAPE (I)
DSEUX 10.55 0.02N/A
Strategic Commodity (I)
DBCMX 9.90 0.020.20
Total Return Bond (I)
DBLTX 10.64 0.000.00
Ultra Short Bond (I)
DBULX 10.01 0.000.00

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